Flip Phone Case for Fairphone FP3+

Hello, Hello
I’m looking for a Flip Phone Case For fairphone like this one.
in adaptable with silicon shell by sticker.!

Comparatively cheap: Fairphone 3 Klapphülle mit Geldbörse, sichtbare Nähte und Klebebefstigung – Schwarz - Flip-Schutzhüllen Fairphone 3

Handmade, thus more expensive yet available both in leather and vegan materials:

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Thank you very much, but I think I misspoke ( google translation)
I’m looking for a silicon case + leather protection.
I don’t want a self-adhesive process.
but if I don’t find … I will resign myself.
It is sad that Faiphone does not sell this kind of article in the shop market to protect our FP .

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