Flickering display (only with pictures and videos)


My Fairphone 3+ has some issues with a flickering display. The problem only appears with videos or photos. It seems to be more severe if the graphics are more complex.

In those moments the display doesn’t work anymore. If I manage to close the graphic, the flickering stops and the phone works normal again.
The Problem first appeared last summer. After an update it was fine for a few month. But now it is getting worse.

What could it be and what can I do to fix it?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are many things you can try, it not a ‘common’ issue that has a ‘simple’ solution.

You don’t say what OS and version you are using, or what apps you are using when this happens.

You can try and eliminate any non custom app settings or interference by starting in safe mode.

Your SD card, if you use one, may be an issue if it is formatted as Internal

Thank you for your fast answer!

I’m using Android 10
It happens on every app that shows (complex) graphics. Like google Photos, Chrome, Whatsapp (If someone sends a video or photo), google maps (only in the “satellite” mode). It also happens on the camera sometimes.

I do use a SD Card and I had some issues with it before. My camera is saying, there wouldn’t be enough space on the card to take new photos. But on the settings it says the card is only about 50% full. I’m not sure, what the card is formatted, I guess it is internal

If the SD card is formatted as internal that could well be the problem. Try and copy all personal data, photos etc. to another cource, a cloud or better a PC.

When you check the Settings > Storage if the SD card is Portable you will see an eject icon to the right.

Formatting as internal means data on there is encrypted so you cannot retrieve it in another device. Whereras formatted as Portable/External removes lots of potential problems and means you can access the contents elsewhere.

Look at the images shown in this post

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