Flickering, black, non-responding Screen

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What happened so far
Bought FP2 - works fine (minor glitches).
Did all the FP2 updates - most glitches vanished.
After about 3month got problems with screen, becoming more severe every week (about one stage per week -> see below).

The problem(s)

  1. First stage, the screen started flickering sometimes. Mostly in the morning. Stopped after some minutes.
  2. Second, the screen did not respond to touch anymore. Mostly in the morning. Stopped, after some minutes.
  3. Third, the screen did random touch-input without anyone touching it. The worst results could be avoided by clicking the on/off button -> to switch the screen off. Stopped after some minutes.
  4. Fourth the screen was just black and did not turn on at all. Mostly in the morning or after carrrying it around and not using it.
  5. Finally, I found that 1-4 happened almost every morning OR after starting it OR after carrying the FP2 with me for some while. I also noticed that the results varied depending how I HOLD the phone in my HAND.

If I gently pressed the phone from left and right (the way I usually hold any smartphone in my left hand), all the above might occur.
<image (cannot upload more thant one as I am a new user)>

If I smoothely pulled the back cover from the screen either left or right, the screen immediately went dark.

If I pushed the screen in the middle with a bit of force (I am a rather careful person), everything was good again!
<image (cannot upload more thant one as I am a new user)>

At this time I was quite unhappy with my FP2, I switched back to my old Nexus for daily use and started looking for help in the forum.

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As I stated above, I was able to influence the behaviour of FP2s screen by gently pressing left/right or the middle of the screen or by pulling the cover from the screen a bit left or right.
So I figured it was a hardware problem rather than a software glitch.

I removed the screen part and cleaned it (as stated in “Solutions for FP2 blackscreen issues”).
No result.
I tried it again and cleaned the contacts thoroughly with a soft cloth and a drop of anti static agent (I guess alcohol would do the trick).
It worked!!
<image (cannot upload more thant one as I am a new user)>

Until now
I started using the FP2 again. Now, about one month later the screen starts flickering again. I hope it does not get any worse!!! If so, I will try cleaning it again. Perhaps someone else had similiar experiences and would like to share their solution??

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So long story short: The #blackscreenguide works.
I’m closing this as we have enough #blackscreen topics already.