Flex cable of back camera FP3+ damaged

Hello, trying to connect the connector to de camera module, I broke my flex cable. The Telephone Store next door has done some tests, with this conclusion.
Fairphone told today me there’s no flex cable buyable.

Has anyone an idea how I can get such a flex cable?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately the camera module as a spare part is delivered from the spare parts shop without a flex cable (connector cable).

:exclamation: Just to make sure @JohnfromY: Sometimes when people try to connect or re-connect a camera module on the FP3 or FP3+, they unknowingly disconnect the covered other end of the flex cable from the motherboard. This would happen under the silver shield, so it’s not visible. I would usually assume the Telephone Store staff would have noticed, but you never know.

See Step 10 here in case my description isn’t clear enough yet, the “other end” connector would normally be hidden underneath where the camera symbol is, but in the 10.1 photo here it is visible (matte black end of the connector):

If you find that the connector cable feels loose, you might want to try to “click” it into place on that end as well.



In case both connection points are indeed connected (I expect to check it today), what to do then? Look for an old phone en take it out from the old one?

I might actually be able to provide a used flex cable. Are you in the UK?

Let me know once you have checked the existing one again. You will need a Torx T5 screwdriver to lift the metal shield from the motherboard in order to access the covered connector.


Thank you for your great help.

I checked it and unfortunately my camera does not work afterwards.

The repair shop check/measured both camera module and the flex cable and their conclusion was a broken flex cable.

It should be very nice to receive and buy your flex cable. If that is not the solution, I have to buy a module I think.

I’m from Holland.

Thanks a lot again.

@JohnfromY have you solved your problem?

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