Flashing LineageOS recovery image results in a "no command" screen


while following our instruction at Guides/LineageOsInstallation.md · main · dda / lineageos-fairphone · GitLab

(or the official one here Install LineageOS on FP2 | LineageOS Wiki)

we’re facing the “no command” screen situation on some FP2 devices after flashing the recovery image.

Does someone know, what could be the reason? Is there a workaround?

So you are coming from FPOS? Which Version are you trying to install? Are you sure you booted into recovery and not the system after flashing the LOS recovery?


Please also see here

This is just an additional security feature that’s available on production builds.

All you have to do is press Volume Up + Power button simultaneously at least for 3 seconds and you’ll be able to enter the recovery mode.

This will not be the case if you’re on a 3rd party recovery as they’re not locked. This affects only stock recovery.


But after flashing LOS recovery you should def not see it, because when you see it, it means that something did not work properly…

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It would mean that LOS recovery is not properly flashed or stock recovery is still installed.

Flashing & booting recovery was the step not working … installation of gapps happens later.

Agree - fastboot flash recovery <image_filename.img> did not work. Any Idea?

Yes - FPOS was installed before.

We tryied to install the lateste LineageOS18.1.

And yes, I’m sure, we try to boot into recovery (we use adb reboot recovery to be safe on this).

You can you use adb when you are in fastboot?

And I understood what was not working, the link was referring to the overall LOS 18.1 thread where actually a few posts above the one I linked someone had the same issue as you are describing…


Okay, found your answer in the discussion mentioned:

We use adb if the phone boots into FPOS again - because we missed volume buttons for proper proceed.

There’s your issue.

Don’t miss to press Vol + while rebooting into the newly flashed recovery. If you boot the stock OS again instead, it will restore the stock recovery with the “no command” screen.
If this happens, reboot the phone into fastboot mode and start over again.
If it helps, keep Vol + pressed already while executing fastboot reboot after flashing the recovery.


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