Flash/Torch stuck on, got hot

My Fairphone 2 OS 1.5.1 camera flash / torch was on after charging this morning.

The camera was also not accessible and I believe this may be related.

The light was getting quite hot.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a fire risk?

Rebooting the phone brought the camera back & turned off the light.

But I cannot watch my phone charge, so this could be serious if the light got hot enough. Can the phone be set to audibly alert when charging is complete, so this bug can be caught quickly, for example?

Thank you!

You cannot use the camera if another app is using the flashlight. I assume you are unable to turn it off by swiping down the notification screen amd pressing Torch/Flashlight? (not sure what it’s called in English, my FP2 is set to Dutch)

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