Fixing OTA after rooting

Because my FP is rooted, I couldn’t install the update right away.
Message: Couldn't update, installation problem

The problem is that the boot partition gets modified when you root your phone and this prevents the OTA package from installing. It’s described well on Quora.

This is how I was able to install the update:

Return to stock boot.img

  1. Get current build number → Settings -> About phone
  2. Download stock boot.img →
    (replace 091 with your current build number)
  3. Reboot to bootloader → adb reboot bootloader
  4. Flash stock boot.img → fastboot flash /path/to/boot.img

Install OTA update
Install update normally



Thank you very much for reporting, I was waiting a rooted user feedback :slight_smile:
Will follow your steps when/if the update decides to show up on my device !

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I don’t have any error message, but I didn’t get any update after the 091 one.
Rooted with Magisk I followed your way, but
> Flash stock boot.img → fastboot flash /path/to/boot.img
Didn’t work for me, I had to do
Flash stock boot.img → fastboot flash boot /path/to/boot.img
But I still no have OTA…
I’d tried also that way Install OTA Updates on Rooted Android Devices with Magisk | iHax still no messages/no update.

Well, there’s the nuclear option, just factory reset the phone like others suggested :grimacing:
That’s what I did (because I keep doing that anyway), that worked great… :smirk:

:joy: :+1:

Ooh! Nuclear option - a bit scary for many


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I got FP3Q.A.094 update yesterday in normal way, without any trick, on my rooted FP4. I just forgot to install Magisk on Inactive Slot (After OTA) prior to reboot, so I had to reinstall it again after reboot. Now all things seems ok.


Last stock boot.img downloadable is

For future references, current version is A.116 and images are available here.

But I don’t think we have to necro this thread :slight_smile:

Thank you! I tried updating FP3V.A.0116 from A.103-boot.img but no wifi and it did not work. I was afraid… With A.107-boot.img the update is working as usual.

I couldn’t quite follow you there, but broken Wifi, usually coupled with no sound and a hot phone, is usually due to running an outdated kernel. The current software version is A.116 but as of now FP only provides the A.107 kernel for manual download.

You should not manually flash a kernel, but use Magisk to patch the currently running kernel from within Android

The guide by OP is a bit misleading

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I just followed OP guide, maybe the A.103 kernel I patched with Magisk was outdated. Starting again with patched A.107 kernel works fine. Thank you.

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You shouldn’t flash a A.107 boot.img to a device running A.116, next time just follow these simpler steps to perform the OTA update:

I have already uploaded a patched boot.img for the latest release here:

If you need a stock boot.img from A.0116 I can upload that as well.

As a general rule, don’t flash any boot.img if you don’t have to, just follow the original root guide, it’s still valid.

@amoun nice thought :+1: , but that’s only the file. There is a boot.img “hidden” in there but it’s unnecessarily hard to get it out, copying one from a already updated system is way easier :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @hirnsushi ! I hadn’t seen that.

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Hello, I am in build A.128 and I would like to install the update to A.0142. I tried the method here FP4 Root Access is possible, maybe a bit risky - #203 by hirnsushi . Uninstall Magisk (“Restore images”) seemed to work but the OTA update always stops. Any idea?

Probably the hash of one of your partitions doesn’t match, likely a side-effect of your previous rooting problems.

Could you capture a logcat please :pray:

Thank you @hirnsushi. I have restored images with Magisk, then tried to update as you wrote, without reboot FP4. Here is logcat.txt : logcat.txt - pCloud

Your dsp partitions hash doesn’t match:

07-12 10:16:52.112  1493  1493 E update_engine: [] Unable to open ECC source partition dsp on slot A, file /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/dsp_a: Success (0)
07-12 10:16:52.113  1493  1493 E update_engine: [] The hash of the source data on disk for this operation doesn't match the expected value. This could mean that the delta update payload was targeted for another version, or that the source partition was modified after it was installed, for example, by mounting a filesystem.
07-12 10:16:52.114  1493  1493 E update_engine: [] Expected:   sha256|hex = 5CDE9B4590A6BD639422B682BC455452E756BAD15435FE74B6806B25E1D14D05
07-12 10:16:52.115  1493  1493 E update_engine: [] Calculated: sha256|hex = 21043D76E83BF63A6A31B44CE65227675732AFB469BE5BBDB07CCF0453B62EAA

You need to flash a matching dsp.img, not sure I have that one backed up, I’ll have a look :mag_right:

If anyone reading this didn’t upgrade to the newest release already, now would be a great time to dump some partitions :slightly_smiling_face: