Fix for unusual fast battery drain?

I just came across the fact, that there seems to be a bug on Android 5.1 called ‘Mobile Radio Active Bug’. I quickly searched here, but it doesn’t look like anyone talked about this regarding the FP2 yet. The issue is shortly summarised on AndroidPolice, widely discussed in the Google Forum and can be easily found on numerous other sources when googled.

So this bug seems to drain the batteries on Lollypop devices, but Google only fixes it on Marshmallow. However, I found the Xposed Module ‘MobileRadioActiveFix’, which claims to fix this.

I had the impression that my FP2 used way too much power and it feels like it’s better with the Xposed Module active. However, I’ve never really looked at my battery statistics (why bother if I need to charge anyway) and I’ve only used the module for too short to make a proper statement, other than it ‘feels like it might work’.

So maybe others also using the Xposed Framework could try it out as well and tell if it makes a difference for them? I’ll test it for a few more days and share my highly feeling based subjective opinion if it makes a difference or not…


Even thought I’m satisfied with my FP2’s battery life, I installed the module and will share results here (if there are any ;)).

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Hi @leVin42,

thanks for sharing this info. For longtime battery observations I use BatteryLog which I mentioned also here:

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