First update to Android 10 - FP3 3.A.00045 arrived // security patch level August 5th, 2020

No, on 3 (Drei) in Austria.

ps. it is definitely not the Android 10 upgrade, but the first update. I have been on Android 10 since last week.


Took a restart for me to get the update, too. And it’s only 107 MB which underlines the assumption that it is exclusively security patches.


Well, it wasn’t the worst problem for me but now there is a space between the network name and the time in the status bar!
At the same time at a new notification in sleep it still only shows the lock symbol… :frowning:

Android 10 update seems to be on a hold right now.

On the support page for the manual update, they link to Android 9, because Android 10 is currently unavailable:

  1. Download Fairphone OS (Android 9) onto your computer. Currently, the Android 10 version of Fairphone OS is unavailable.

Ah good to know. And it makes sense, there are quite some bugs out there. I am pretty sure they are working frantically right now on fixing as many as possible :crossed_fingers:

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I recently installed the latest update for Android 10. I read before that there was a problem with the original release with a missing gap between the time and the service provider name in the top status bar. I never noticed this because I usually disable the provider name. However, after installing the latest update I noticed the clock is a few pixels further to the right than it used to be. Seems as if the newly introduced “gap” is always there, regardless of whether the provider name is enabled or disabled. I hope you know what I mean. Can anyone confirm this?

I noticed the same thing. Bit of a waste of space I suppose.

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Yep can unfortunately confirm as well!

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Thanks for the confirmations. I’m wondering: Isn’t this basic system functionality part of Open Android? Why does Fairphone obviously need to implement this themselves? I’m just wondering how such a simply thing could get broken and then fixed so sloppy? :frowning:

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Many phone manufacturers use their own UI design, so apparently they have a lot of freedom to mess with the UI and can make mistakes there while still passing Google certification.

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Has anyone else had problems seeing incoming caller ID’s since the Android 10 update?

@H_Pinder: Yes, see the deeicated thread and workaround here:

And if they don’t need to - why do it in the first place? Just stick to pure Android and therefore have a more easily maintainable software… (Spoken as a non software developer)

Thanks @AlbertJP and @rainer_zufall for your replies.
That’s exactly what I’m wondering. I mean, as far as I know the UI design isn’t really that much different from the stock experience. But frankly I have no idea about actual Android development so I guess there must be a reason. Nonetheless annoying, when you fix a bug and at the same time introduce another one. Hope they correct it with the September security release :smiley:

after ugrading : contacts from SIM not used (only google’s I think)
had to import contact from sim to fix this issue

Still no upgrade shown by provider Bouygues Telecom wednesday 16th.
I borrowed a Orange Sim : upgrade OK but side effect : I had a bunch of Orange apps installed (just because of the SIM) and 1 of them can’t be removed easyly (just de activated for the moment) -> “App Center”.

Now I am ready for the the new modules, which are not available :frowning: Means the discount (70euros if ordered before 30/09/2020 is over???

Irrespective of the discount, I’d wait for someone to make a proper comparison of the old and new camera modules under controlled conditions too see if it’s worth it. I have the new ones and can’t see any difference in image quality with the new camera module. Top module with front camera seems improved though.

How can install this Update by unkocked bootloader? is that even possible?
I have installed magisk.


Solved for me! :smiley:
link to the solution


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