First Steps after installing /e/OS | removing bloatware

I only know the way I linked to.
The App is not installed for you as a user, I guess you would have to live with that then.

The solution in this case is to build your own Android and remove the stuff you don’t like from the source code.

The “bare-bones Android” would be AOSP, on which every Android OS out there is based.
LineageOS is close to what AOSP would be like.

Yes. You don’t install hardware drivers as a user, they are built into Android, apart from basic stuff mostly by the smartphone vendors so Android works with their phone’s hardware.
If you would want to change something there, you would have to build your own Android.


He was talking about AOSP, which uses the proprietary drivers. The GSI idea (which indeed didn’t exist when FP1 came out) also relies on proprietary drivers. If you are looking for a real Linux distribution, you should support postmarketOS. However, there has not been any work implementing pmOS on FP3.


For reinstall openkeychain is the right command: “adb shell cmd package install-existing org.sufficientlysecure.keychain”

Nothing with --user 0 or so? --user 0 is in the uninstall comand.

I didn’t try.
In case of doubt a factory reset will bring it back (I did one in the meantime for other reasons).

Yep, it works fine! I’ve needed it several times.

I’ve marked the threat as solved, because their are a lot of solutions mentioned, like the following:

1st Solution

2nd Solution

3rd Solution

4th Solution

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