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Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
I would really be willing to buy a Fairphone 2.
Would you please give me some tips? Can each of the two sims be removed with the phone switched on or restarted? The 4G (or LTE) network is present in only one slot, right?
Thank you!



No, you need to remove the battery to change the sims, therefore switch the phone off.


Note that it is possible to switch the 4G data connection from SIM1 to SIM2 (or vice versa) without shutting down the phone.
In other words: the 4G connection is not tied to a specific hardware slot, you can switch the data connection off for one SIM and then on for the other SIM in phone’s software whilst the phone is running (you just cannot have both at the same time - the SIM that does not have the 3G/4G connection falls back to 2G).


I thank you for the answer! :slight_smile:
As for the 4G service, I expected it and all in all it is not a problem. I do not like much the talk of the sims, but patience: we have lived together so far, I will be able to continue. :-p

OK thank you! :slight_smile:
But with the Fairphone Open System, is the switch between the two sims slow?

I don’t have a setup to check, and I think this will depend on many factors (provider, network coverage, …). Searching the forum did remind me that there is a bug that affects some (but not all) phones in which one or more reboots are required to switch the 4G connection from one SIM to the other. In normal cases it should the time it requires for both SIMs to sequentially register on the network (i.e. the time between entering the SIM pin and the connection working when you start the phone).

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I understand, I thank you!
Well, I hope I’m not among these “lucky” … :-p

If you do decide to buy a Fairphone: remember that if you purchased it online (in most EU countries, at least) you have a two week period after delivery in which you can assess whether the device meets your needs. Within those first two weeks, you have a right to return the device for a full refund without having to specify a reason. You may, however, need to pay for return shipping in that case. Always refers to the terms and conditions for the details. If the switching is crucial for how you intend to use the phone, be sure to test this as soon as possible - if it doesn’t work the way you want it to, then you’ll still be on time to return the phone.

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You are very kind, thank you! :slight_smile:
In Italy, however, there is only one large chain of technology stores that sells Fairphone 2. Better control, but I believe it will adhere to the conditions you have explained to me.
Yesterday I received an email from Fairphone, in which it says that since January, sales start again on the official store.
Do not get angry with me, but if the price will always be that, I will not buy it on the official store, because I would not be able to get discounts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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