First Customer as Preferred Customers

It’s not about the specs but the relationship with first time customers.
We’ve been supporting FP since the beginning and passed thru all pros and cons of the story.
I would like the privilege not to wait for the FP2 like a newbie.
I would like pre-orders to be reserved to the community first and then new customers or (I understand the marketing and expansion plans) to be amongst the beta testers.


I’d like that idea except - in my opinion - it goes a bit against the fairphone philosophy.
Fairphone is the first company I ever heard of that doesn’t want their customers to buy their new products just because they are new.


I think that

“pre-orders to be reserved to the community " envisions trust, respect and enthusiam
"to be amongst the beta testers” envisions the will to help in making a better final product, avoid defects and continue the movement

I believe these are all Fair values.
I do understand your point anyway, but I don’t feel it as mine.


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Well yeah for beta-testing it would be a great idea. I just don’t know if they plan on making beta-tests for the Phones.

Well, according to Fairleaks they are planning to sell 200.000 FP2. It won’t matter much, if they give some 100 to FP1-owners for beta test purposes.

As stated here, there would have to be a strict plan to follow and the beta testers of FP2 would have to compromise themselves to this plan and probably to send back the phone after the test phase.

I would very much like to be part of such a program!

Today’s blog post tells you more about the approach to FP2

My opinion is that FP1 customers don’t get preferential treatment. To be honest anybody with a FP1 that wants a FP2 should register their interest on the mailing list and the moment it hits the shops they’ll get notification. Given the amount planned to be produced I really don’t see that there will be an immediate issue (we’ll have to see of course!!).

I think if we were in a different situation where crowd funding was required again, I would totally agree with you :wink:


Yes, I believe you have scored a point, but negative. If selling 200k is a priority then I would like to be served first because I’m a loyal customer. If crow founding than it’s a choice and the more you give or the first you join then there is the priority.
Anyway I already joined the list. And being a beta tester for the Italian community would be great.


PS Negative has not a moral accent, just joking on score!