Fingerprint sensor button loose and falling out

Hi all,

I received my FP4 and quickly noticed that the fingerprint button falls out easily with a little bump of the phone in my hand. It’s then only held by the cable. Sure, that’s not what I do all day but it’s fragile and probably also happens in certain normal situations. The fairfone support said it’s not normal and I just got it back from Vodafone repair service. It’s still easily shaken out…

Before I send it back again, please let me know if that’s only my phone and I’m not too picky or if yours also does that and I just should be more careful.


Hi and welcome to the forum

You’d best contact support officially as this is just a user forum.

You can emails or use the more standard way via the site

  • I don’t think you need to be more careful
  • Many users can respond to the ‘if yours also does’ but again that’s not Fairphone you are talking to.
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Are you sure its about a FP4, the fingerprint sensor is in the power button and I dont see how this could fall out🤔 Thats def not at all normal, so whoever stated this should be trained probably.

If bought via Vodafone, you will have to go back to Vodafone.


Yes, FP4 brand new delivered. Here’s a pic: 20230419-090543 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB


It’s probably gonna be sent to the Fairphone repair center in that case. My first FP4 (one from the first production batch from way back) had a slightly damaged display, I messaged Fairphone and they sent me a replacement in no time, that was a pretty nice experience.


Just got it back from Vodafone. It wasn’t repaired because I didn’t ship it with battery and cover. :smile:

The button clearly hang out by the side of the phone this time. They should’ve seen that it’s nothing else than a mechanical problem. On to the third try!

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Now it’s refunded without a comment. Getting a new one. What a pitty, I’m pretty sure it would have been easy to just replace the button.

But good to know that I seem to be the only one with that phenomenon. So excited to have this phone already and checkout the incredible b/w camera.


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