Finding and uploading photos onto laptop

Hello! Hope someone can help. I’m just back from holiday and want to upload my photos from my FP2 to my laptop. I connected the phone to the laptop with a USB cable but couldn’t find the photos in Windows Explorer - the obvious DCIM folder on the phone was empty and nothing else was either relevant or comprehensible. Also tried going via Google Drive but got a message on the phone that it wasn’t possible. Any ideas? Thanks, Jess

I have a similar problem trying to get my FP2 and my desktop computer to talk to each other via a cable, because I can’t find it in Windows Explorer, so where is it? Pam

I had the same problem. Don’t really remember how I made it work at last, but it IS possible! :slight_smile:
Will try to find my solution when I get home tonight, if not someone else have found the solution before that.

I use Linux. but I think the procedure is similar.
When connecting the FP2 to your computer, first unlock the display to allow access to the phone. On the phone, pulling the top bar down, you see a notification offering some USB options - touch it. There you can change the way the FP2 offers media access. Try MTP connection to access both internal memory and sd card. Or “Mount SD card” to only see the files on SD.
At least this is how it works here.

Good luck!

thanks for the interest. I’ve tried what you suggest but can’t see any USB options. I’ve got a wifi indicator, bluetooth option, indicator for phone co-op, Aeroplane mode switch, autorotate on/off, torch, location and cast screen. I don’t understand several of those, but none seem to be USB. Sounded hopeful though! Pam

Ok, my phone runs German language, I try to translate the menue entries.

Connect the phone to your computer’s usb port.
On the phone pull down the top bar.
Touch the gear to open the main settings. Navigate down to Memory or what it is called, where you can see a summary of the storage.
Open the 3-point menue in the top right and touch the only option there (something like USB connection PC).

Now you should see a list of choices.

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Thank you! Danke schon! Your English is very good, excellent explanation, I think I have found what I need! I hope others can also follow your directions.

Many thanks!

Danke s99h, that’s really helpful to know where to find the USB connection settings.

Unfortunately the laptop I’m trying to connect to will only recognise ‘mount SD card’ - I can’t connect as a media device, it says the device driver can’t be installed.

So I guess my photos are not saved on my SD card but on the phone itself… Any idea how I move them onto the SD card?

This isn’t my laptop, so I’ll try my own laptop when I’m home at the weekend, maybe I’ll have more success…

Thanks! Jess

Try the amaze file manager. It is installed on your FP2 already. I use it on a regular basis. In the main menu of amaze you can switch between internal and external storage.