Finally no 2nd Fairphone!

In Dec. 2018 I ordered a FP2 to do something good for people who are working in this business (fair salaries and materials) and I needed a new Phone anyway. The old one was broken and not able to take Version 8.2 which I was in need to connect to my car. So in January 2019 I received the new FP2 , installed evrything I needed and went ahaed.
Then the Camera failed constantly. I sendt E-Mails to the support in NL. They advised to reinstall the camera, I did it at least 10 times, nothing changed and I got tired of contacting Support as it was no help.
The new Car came finally. Bluetooth would connect sometimes, sometimes not. (my new phone connects! every time!!! no doubt!!)
The “hands free loudspeaker” was not working from the beginning, and I complained it together with the camera issue. No solution was offered, no update made it possible.
Then, after a 3/4 year the camera was getting less issues and I was even able to make spontaneous Fotos. The only positive remark.
A certain App which I use a lot, just used to shut down without warning or time to react.
Three Weeks ago it took me 2 hours to make two banking-transactions.
The FP2 would not connect to Wlan neither G3 or G4. To receive Passwords I had to go outside the House and be lucky to receive it within the 5 min. timeline.
The connecting issue was getting worse every day.
Spontaneous I had to deside to buy a new Phone.
It is a reliable Samsung again, as I had before the FP2 and it works perfect, so far.

Sorry FP, no better report today
I will not recommend FP to anybody
a few people did NOT recommend it to me
but I did not listen and had to learn it the hard way!

Kind regards

hi & welcome here

this is a community forum. If you want to address your review directly to Fairphone, you should contact the support directly.

I’m sorry to hear you had so much issues with your Fairphone 2. Although I too had to deal with a few issues, I never had that much problems with my FP2.
But as I can tell from other FP2 users, there were some issues that occured on some FP2’s.
Those issues are mainly caused by over-modularity: Fairphone had the approach to create a Fairphone which can be opened and repaired as simple as possible: You can remove the whole display unit without unscrewing a single screw! But this approach had some drawbacks: The connections between the parts are very loose and thus failing fast.
While I can understand your anger with your FP2, Fairphone redesigned the new Fairphone 3 completly: All those drawbacks are solved, all modules are much better and stable connected, dust can’t enter the device that easy.
And one thing more: Since you bought your FP2 in december 2018, your issues shoud still be covered by warranty.


Although a device should always work after having just bought it, I personally made the deliberate choice to hold off on buying a Fairphone until the FP3 was released, as the FP2 was already quite old by the time I was researching new phones. I never buy the latest anything, but usually my new phones would be about 2 years on the market, definitely not 3 or 4!


Dear Stroreskeeper_RVL, Dear Fairphone-support,

News like this make me sad,

especially, when you have the huge transformation in mind which is necessary to make our entire economic system fit for future.

especially, when it is well-known, that the fairphones does not shine in categories which are commonly measured in nowadays public discussions like functions and costs.

Fairphone relies only on a visionary concept and the attempt to show the whole world that this vision is working already now!

In the old, the conservative economy, devices like yours, »Stroreskeeper_RVL«, could hopefully be determined as »monday model« (A model which was assembled mondays, when the workers are not awake yet) . We seldom hear from successful devices, which are also out there. (For example my FP1 from 2014, which would still work perfect, if there would not be this stone-age-old Android … )

Dear Fairphone-support, did you offer »Stroreskeeper_RVL« a replacement device? / wouldn’t it be time to offer a replacement device after such a long intensive struggle, »Stroreskeeper_RVL« is describing?

Please don’t forget a fast support and good service for your clients belong all the positiv achievements within your vision!

with best wishes,



Dear »AnotherElk«,

thank you for this answer – I was hoping for it… :wink:
Isn’t it worth for a company to be close to the customers, to take part in the public discussion, or at least to listen to the needs of the customers?
This platform of a community for which Fairphone can consider itself lucky could just be a good opportunity to show this presence I miss! And the positive engagement could be read from anywhere where somebody is considering to not to, or to buy a Fairphone and to help to forward the so urgently needed transformation of our economic system!

thx, Fabian

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Oh, so you’re aware.
In this case I hope you wrote directly to Fairphone support, too, else you’re just posing.

It is, and occasionally you can see Fairphone staff here, but addressing Fairphone support here doesn’t change reality, i.e. that you can’t 100% expect them to see everything here.

We can try the following … @anon27553248, @lorahaspels:

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