Finally fixed! My FP2 does not freeze/hang anymore! :)

Long story short, as many FP2 users reported in the forum (here and there) and social media, my phone basically was not performing correctly. Above all, the main issue (at least in my case) was the ‘freezing effect’: that is, micro-stops every now and then when using different apps, sometimes leading to a crash notification from the app (without necessarily crashing) and sometimes just having to lock/unlock screen (or worst, reboot phone). By reading these lines, some of you might already know what I’m talking about.

Well, after basic investigations on troubleshooting FP2, I took the path of trying the Safe Mode to detect heavy apps (but performance was still poor even in safe mode) and, after that, going to Factory Reset (duly following back-up instructions).

That was the solution! I’m writing from new old phone :partying_face:), performing quickly any action, no freezes… Happy again!

Hopefully, writing a new post for this was the right path -if not, let me know or take action to merge it wherever it might be correct.


Edit: I’m on regular FP operating system. I performed the factory reset via the tools in Settings (Settings >> Backup >> Factory reset)


Hi Pere_M
On which Software are you? Original FPOS, the open OS (FPOOS), or LineageOS?
How did you perform the factory reset? From Recovery? What did you do excatly.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Hi @ElKrasso! Thanks for the feedback. I updated the original post with the replies to your questions, which I hopefully answered :thinking:


Hi @Pere_M,
Glad to hear this. I’ve been thinking about doing a reboot to try and sort out the freezing, so it’s great to hear the reboot worked for you. :grinning:

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