Filter select display duplicate contacts in contact and phone app from several contact lists


I am using the Android 9 Fairphone Open OS on Fairphone 2. My problem though is hardware- and OS-independent.

The default contact app “Contacts” has the possibility to select specific “Contacts to display” (in settings), where I can choose between “All contacts” (default) or “Customize”. In the customize section, I can select contacts from different accounts/apps, e.g. DAVx5, Signal, etc. I use this option to show a “clean” contact list without possible duplicates from different apps that come with their own contact list (e.g. Signal, Telegram, etc.).

  1. In the Contacts app, it works to display the contact “alice” from the selected contact list only. For searching, however, the Contacts app seems to use all existing contact lists, not just the one displayed. The result is that if I search “alice” in the Contacts app, more than one result is returned since “alice” is included in e.g. both the DAVx5 and the Signal contact lists.
    Can I somehow tell the Contacts app to search only in the contact list of my choice? If not, is there another contact app that is capable of both displaying and searching in contact lists of my choice only?

  2. Afaik, the default phone app “Phone” does not have the possibility to display contact lists of my choice only. Is there a phone app that is capable of both displaying and searching in contact lists of my choice only?

My goal is to have one clean contact list in both the contact and the phone app, while keeping the granted contact and phone permissions for several apps that come with their own contact lists (e.g. Signal, Telegram, etc.).

Somewhat surprisingly, I could not find a solution to this problem in the internet, although many people seem to have similar problems related to “duplicate contacts”.
Thanks a lot for any hint!

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Simple Contacts Pro on F-Droid

Not that I found on F-Droid.

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