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Hi, I wanted to transfer a folder (in this case WhatsApp - Media - WhatsApp Images - Sent) to my computer, but somehow the newest images are missing (in fact it shows 5512 files on my computer instead of the 5527 files that my fairphone is showing).

I copied the folder to another place, my file explorer on my fairphone directly showed 5527 files, my computer only showed 500 first, then after a minute 501, after two mins 502 and so on…

What’s causing this problem? How can I solve it? I even tried it with a Windows 7 and Linux KDE Neon computer. It’s the same problem…

This is caused by the Android multimedia service that tracks multimedia files to indicate the MTP protocol what to serve. It hasn’t worked fine like ever.

Force it to re-index all your files with SD Scanner (Rescan storage media) (F-Droid link, I don’t know if this app is available at the Gobble Play Store)

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Hi, thank you for your answer. This could cause the problems yeah. But acutally they are not forgotten or not indexed, the service seems just to index the files very slow, days later actually.


Yes, that’s the issue I was referring to. SD Scanner solves it temporarily for the moment you need your full list of files.

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