File transfer PC / FP4 : how to record settings?

Hi FP community

I am regularly transferring files from my FP4 (such as photos) to my PC, no problem there

The problem is that I ALWAYS have to manually re-select the options under Settings / File transfer options / USB Preferences. This is so annoying ! Why isn’t there a button like “save settings” ?

Or maybe I did not find it, but it seems well hidden …

Thanks for your help if you have any idea where it can be



We,come to the Fairphone community.

This is made for safety reasons, so nobody can just connect your phone and access your data.

But depending on the software running on your phone, you might be able to change that in the developer options.


Entirely agree. However as long as the phone is properly protected by pattern, pin or password, encrypted and properly locked whenever the owner isn’t actively using it, then I would argue that the risk is diminished.

You may not have noticed, but this obligation forces you to unlock the phone, which enables Android to ensure that file transfer is only available to the owner.

There may be a solution as Incanus says, depending on the OS you’re running. This is hidden by default to protect curious but uninformed users from making big mistakes. If you proceed, it’s really important to never change any restricted option unless you are sure that you understand what you are doing and why.
You can easily find out more.


I understand your remarks. But I remembered on my old Samsung that the file transfer was automatic (in the sense that I did not have to go deep into the config each time to select the option) every time I plugged the USB cable. With the phone unlocked, of course

That being said, I can live with it, it’s not big a deal and the phone works fine

No need to go into settings you can just use the Android Notification you will see once plugged in to a PC and change it from there.


This was the case in earlier Android versions across the board. On early Fairphones, too.
The current, more safe, mechanism was introduced with Android 6.

If you try with a current Samsung phone, you might notice that by default they have become way more restrictive than other phones now when it comes to which folders you are even allowed to use for USB file transfer.
(At least the Samsung phones I’ve seen recently.)

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Strangely I don’t have this kind of notification. Maybe I deactivated it by mistake. Do you know where it is possible to reactivate it ?

Ok, thanks for this precision (my old phone was quite old)

I much doubt that you’ve disabled it. In my case (sorry, no stock ROM but /e/OS) it can’t be disabled (“This notifications can’t be modified”). Anyway you should be able to find it in settings → apps → all apps → three dot menu → Show system → Android system (app) → Notifications → USB connection (the slider is “on” and “greyed out” as it’s not configurable)

Are you sure you’re using a data USB cable and check the notifications while phone is unlocked?

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And to add to avoid misunderstanding: the notification is seen when you pull down from the top its not a notification on the lock screen to click on

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