Fibrating, stripes, grey and slowly appearing and disappearing display

For month my husbands phone is declining. The display shows a fibrating image , or stripes, or turns grey. After a while the usual display slowly appears or when shutting of slowly, to slow, disappears.
Today nothing appears. But the introduction animation ‘fairphone’ does show in bright letters although the screen turns grey before the anatoom is completed.

Now I don’t know whether the problem is the screen (which can be replaced) or the motherboard itself???

What do I do!!!

It concerns a FairPhone 3. It is some years (4?) Old

Hi. The phone isn’t three years old. First released:September 3, 2019

Please check the status of the SD card if you have one to see if it formatted as Internal or Potable.

Also check the amount of memory left, you will need at least 6GB

You may also want to clear the cache for various apps, phone, camera, gallery etc.

If none of the above help you may like to try starting in safe mode.

Failing that there is always the option of a factory reset, but that will wipe all your data and you will then have to proceed as though it is a new phone


If you’re lucky, there may be a #fairphoneangel in your area that would have a FP3 display they would agree to let you test to check if it solves the problem (or perhaps you know someone else with a FP3 that could help you).


blaaaahhhhh, me meself could be that angel :-). Great idea, THANKS. It was the screen, so I just orderd a new one.

Thanks a lot!


Auch! and thanks!
It seems to me, we have them for so long already. I checked with the screen of my own device, it is the screen that’s failing. And that is pretty fast as we bought it in december 2019.

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Yes for a screen that’s not to be expected (2.5 years) I even expect a battery to last longer than that.

Could it be that the screen got damp. Once you’ve had it out for a while maybe it can be air dried and the contacts cleaned and kept for a rainy day.

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