FFP 3 - Touchscreen is not responsive

Hello FFP-community!


I have my for nearly two years now and it worked very well the whole time. Lately the phone started not to respond to my touches. When I locked it and unlocked it two three times the screen reacted again. This phenomenon did not happen very often - only sometimes.
Then a few days ago the “trick” did not work any more. I had to remove my battery more often and somehow the screen started reacting again. This mostly happened after switching the phone on - I usually switch it off at night.
Now nothing is working. I cannot unlock the SIM of my phone - the screen does not respond to my touches!

What I did not do:

  • I did not install any new app or updated the system right before this behaviour occurred
  • I did not drop the phone or damaged it in a way
  • I did not use it different than the year(s) before when everything worked fine

What I have tried so far:

  • I restarted the phone quite often - without any effect
  • I disassembled the phone and cleaned the contacts between screen and mainboard (everything looked fine!) - no result
  • I removed SIM-card and memory-card - still the phone does not respond
  • I even bought a new display hoping that this might help - I was disappointed

I need help! What can I do? Do I need a new phone?

Do you find that particular areas of the screen are becoming unresponsive or does it happen all over? By calling * # * # 6 6 # * # * you can get a set of several Service Menu tests, and a test for the touch screen functionality should be among those. This should allow you to test if there are specific “numb” areas.

Other than that, I can only give my perennial general advice: When re-assembling display module and the rest of the phone together, make sure the plastic holders click back into place – not just the 13 screws.


Oops, you are saying it’s completely unresponsive now. In this case, you might want to get yourself an OTG adapter or cable that allows you to connect a computer mouse to your FP3. This would allow you to control the display without touching it, so you could backup your data before proceeding any further.


And before you hit the 2 years, contact support


Hi @ElThoro
Have you found a solution ? It seems that I have a similar problem :thinking:


Hi @Arielle,
I sent my phone in to let it repair. They told me that I have to pay 310 € for changing the mainboard despite a valid warranty. In my opinion that was to expensive for a phone wich is nearly 2 years old…

Sorry, for not having better news for you. :frowning:


That is a shocker :no_mouth: So much for cheap and user repairs. I suppose it was the main core module. Did Fairphone say it had water damage as i wonder why it wasn’t covered by the 2 year warranty?

Not cheerful news at all.

For those interested in the price for out of warranty repairs.


Same happened to me, as to many others users . I ordered the phone back without repair and now, suprise, it works again.
The problem is connections in the modular concept. Obviously for the quite normal user the fairphone concept is too delicate, very many fairphone are now just a environmental pollution.

All phones are environmental pollution, but the Fairphone treats the supply chain more ‘fair’

but some are more sustainable because their useful life is longer

Degrees of sustainability is a bit of an off topic argument. maybe start another topic :rofl:

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