Ff3 can’t find my personal wifi

Ff3 doesn’t find my wifi though it is showing all other appartments wifi. My other devices do connect to my wifi.

Any idea? (Rebooting internet or ff3, done without result. Trying to put wifi adress in ff3, done without result)

Thank you.

Max (France)

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Have you selected a specific channel on your router, which router are you using.

Are you leaving the phone to search or entering the SSID?

Not sure why you would put the wifi address in the phone. The wifi address is usually 192.168.178.* or similar but that is only for a browser. So unless you have a connection to the wifi nothing should happen,

Can you see the phone in the router?

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Hello Amon

Thanx for the answer.

I leave the phone search itself but cannot see my router. I tried to put router’s adress but cannot find it.
My rooter is a Freebox, Free is a french internet provider.
I don’t know yet about what the rooter can find or not. Usually, all devices do find my rooter more or less easily.

Should I check my rooter?

Thank you, Amon

There maybe a language issue :slight_smile:

What address are you refering to and where do you put it?

Previously: The address usually refers to the IP address, as mentioned - a number. This can be accessed via a cable or wifi.

To connect via wifi your phone/pc etc must see the router. This is SSID. Other devices can see this. Until your phone sees the SSID you cannot connect to the router.

So is it the router or phone. The router has to be ‘visible’ to show the SSID so maybe that is the problem.

Most often there is a Sync button to allow any device to connect which circumvents the need to select the SSID and enter a password.

However not seeing the router’s SSID brings me to suspect the router i

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That’s Indeed the adress I was refering to, the ssid. The fairphone doesnt see the router’s one. On the router, there’s a sticker with a mac adress, but non ssid, though the fairphone requises an ssid to seek for a specific router in the wifi menu. Si I guess I have to check the router détails… I’m vert confused ans your help is very appreciated. Thank you again, AmoUn.

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All good

When I put the ssid adress in the fairphone, I realised there was a step where it is asked if it’s an hidden ssid adress or not, if you don’t put this the right way, the adress just doesn’t appear in the wifi list on the phone. My wifi is actually hidden.

Thank you so much, Amoun, you helped me to sort that out. I wouldn’t have found it without reading your messages telling me how this worked and what to check. Merci beaucoup!



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