FF updater doesn't launch anymore either, immediately closes upon launch

FF updater doesn’t launch anymore after installing 1.8 - I launch it (to attempt a downgrade) but it fails… something to do with android.procees after the totally botched 1.8 version from Fairphone.

I need my phone in working order again, this is so devastating.

Hi @Manuel_V, we would prefer to give you some one on one support which we do not do on the forum.

Could you send me your phone number in a private message so we can call you and help to get your phone in working order?

Not to be rude or anything, but how exactly did you update your phone? I did it via the Fairphone Updater App and haven’t encounterd any problems. Not that I ‘underestimate’ you or anything (chances are high none of this is your fault), but I’ve seen a lot of topics you posted and it looks like everything is going wrong? :dizzy_face: Of course that is no fun.

Can you tell me what you’ve already tried? Re-installing, rebooting (hard/soft) etc. Perhaps this way we can find out what went wrong.

Could you please try to stick to one topic so we can help you better?
I have been following your posts a little and I think you also installed a loose Google app store apk?
This probably closes because it doesn’t have the right license.

You will probably need to remove/uninstall it and then reinstall the app store through the App store widget.
Now the next instructions I give you depend on the current version you are running.
You can check the version you are running in the Fairphoe Updater app.

If you have 1.6 installed please follow this article:

If you have 1.8 installed please follow this article: