Few problems...not just one

Hi there,
I got my FairPhone about a month ago, not even and is already stressing me out.

I can understand that things happen and in any industries there are issues, and as I like to support revolutionary project (this is how i personally see the Fair Phone moviment), I will try to do not blow out what the issues are but just make a list of things, and hope to find a solution for all of them.

1st) randomly the phone reset it self. one is under charge or even when is not under charge.
2nd) if I get a call ongoing i can’t use the screen anymore. It does turn black and I can’t even close the call. No bottom or touch would work.
3rd) Bluetooth service would not work with all the devices. It doesn’t actually visualize some device’s
4th) Randomly i can’t zoom on pictures…I do the zoom by touching the screen and spreading my fingers, and as soon as i leave the screen the picture will get back to the original size.
5th) If I access the gallery I can delete photos. And till now everything since to be alright.
If I open apps as What’s-up than, and try to share a photo from my gallery, that photos that I did try to delete are actually still there.
I did try to access to the phone with my computer to make sure the photos are not there, but i can’t actually find them.
6th) this did happen just once, and hopefully will not happen anymore, i plug in a jack cable in the head phone and the audio will still coming out from the phone.

I hope that someone can help me out with these things,

Have a look at Misbehaving Apps - fix is being worked on; workaround: re-enable privacy impact and at
List of known bugs - check before you post your issues
So look at the threads these articles refer to.

Discussed here:

Discussed here:

There are quite some bluetooth topics on the forum already, maybe you’re problem is already discussed. Bluetooth problems are hard to diagnose, so please be as specific as possible.

Discussed here:

Which gallery app are you using? There doesn’t seem to be a default one. Also, the security model in android blocks apps accessing data from other apps, which can lead to errors like the one discussed here (or no error and no delete).

Make sure the jack is plugged all the way in, as otherwise the phone will sometimes not detect the headphones and continue playing audio via the speakers.

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