Feeling stupid - cannot find the numberpad

I’m 100% sure there used to be a numeber pad I could use to directly input a phone number for a call. For the life of me I cannot find it anymore. (It’s not in the complete list of installed apps and I’m pretty sure I didn’t uninstall anything recently). Anyone can help my dumb ass where to find it?

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It depends upon which app you are using.

The Phone app > Contacts has an icon bottom right that looks like a number pad, tap on that. :slight_smile:


I thought that’s where it used to be - but I no longer have that symbol there (I am not using a custom contact app, just the one that came with the phone). My only workaround is to create a new contact for any number I want to call and then use that :-/

You may try clearing the cache in the Phone app etc.

Have you tried restarting the phone, switch off completely by holding down the power button for ten seconds.

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It does not appear in the contact app, just in the dialer app


Yes to clarify it’s the Phone app that is used for dialing not the Contacts app

The one with the Phone icon :slight_smile: