Feature Request: Support NFS

I’d like to be able to mount NFS file shares on my FP2 running FP Open OS. It seems that the needed kernel module is not compiled in the current kernel. If it is not a too big deal, I’d love to get it included.
Not sure how to best reach the best fitting contact person to ask.
@paulakreuzer: maybe you can add it to the feature list.

HowTo mount a NFS share (if the kernel supports it):

  • install busy box
  • run busybox mount -o nolock,ro,hard,intr,vers=3 -t nfs 192.xxx.xxx.x.x:/your/nfs/share /mnt/sdcard/YourLocalFolder

Apparently NFS support is currently not available in the kernel:

  • cat /proc/filesystems does not include NFS.
  • lsmod | grep nfs returns an empty result.

Note: If someone knows a FOSS app that runs in user space being able to mount nfs shares, I’m happy to hear about it. :slight_smile:

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