Feature Request: external antenna

back in the days, handys (mobile phones) used to have a plug for the external car antenna. This would be an interesting feature, as it is a simple way to greatly reduce the emf field inside the car. Maybe it would be possible to develop a module for this functionality


Good idea.
It should reduce battery consumption as well.

But I guess, that this will hardly be made available for the FP3.

  • Other than the FP2, it doesn’t have a connection-point by design (though I think the pins of the FP2 would not be useable for an antenna).
  • I wouldn’t know of special external antennae for smartphones. I know, there are one’s for walkie-talkies. But those are rather hefty and for different frequencies.

So maybe it would have to be integrated in one of the existing modules (most likely the top module). But that would mean redesigning that module plus the cover, that would need an additional outlet.
I wonder if anyone would like to take on that task.

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