Faulty Screen no phone for 2 weeks

At the end of April I noticed I have a faulty screen on my Fairphone 2. I was told I couldnt get a replacement untill May so I waited. I had to chase Fairphone to find out if the screens came into stock When they did I removed the screen and sent it back to Fairphone 2 weeks ago. SInce then I have been without my phone. I have an account on the Fairphone return portal but the listings of what is going on are now empty. I can get no response on the support ticket Request #173180, I’ve been waiting since Tuesday.

I am getting steadily more and more annoyed with Fairphone My phone is getting old and I will need to replace it soon and at the moment there is no way I’m going to buy another Fairphone

They’re usually more responsive over the phone:

Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

Also, did you already check whether the package arrived via the returns portal? (the shipping labels Fairphone sends out for people to send parts back allow it to be traced).

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much that the community (as Fairphone staff isn’t very active here and see the forum as a place for discussion within the community) can do.

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Thanks for the help Johannes. The return portal is blank. There were details in there but now there is nothing. I thought somebody from Fairphone might monitor the forum so because I’m getting no response on the support website I thought I might try here.

I’m really unhappy with Fairphone and will probably switch to Samsung from my next phone,

Nobody from FP support visits the forum regularly, so please give them a call. I’m sure the’ll be able to sort it out quickly then.

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