Faulty power button = new core module needed!?


Since a few days I have problems with my power button. First it was not reacting properly and after a while nothing. I tried to find any visual sign of a defect or dirt but everything seems find. Now I cannot switch the phone on any more. When I charge it the screen shows the normal loading screen.

I contacted the support team and received the following answer:

Dear Clemens,

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Fairphone 2.

_If the buttons do not work without the case either unfortunately the core module is defect and we will need to replace the phone for this. _
if this is the case so we can provide you with the correct information on how to start the replacement procedure.

Thanks for your message. We’re sorry to hear your Fairphone is experiencing problems! We can diagnose and repair your phone at our repair center.

To have your Fairphone shipped to our repair center, please follow the instructions below:

Create an account in our Fairphone Repair Portal, or log in if you already have an account there;
Once you are logged in, make sure you select REPAIR (green button on the left side of the page);
Create your return request by following the instructions on the portal;
After your request was registered, please let us know by replying to this message with the following line: Hello Fairphone support agent, my return request is ready!
We will check and approve your request within 72 hours of receiving your confirmation (during weekdays);
Once your request is approved you will receive further instructions by e-mail.

Important notes:

Swiss and Norwegian customers: please note that you cannot ship the parcel to us without a commercial invoice (aka pro-forma invoice); we will provide it in a separate e-mail once your request has been approved.
Your data is important. Please make a thorough back-up before you send your device: how to back-up your Fairphone 1 and how to back-up your Fairphone 2.
If you want to learn more about our repair process, please visit the repair price list and FAQ for Fairphone 2 repairs and the one for Fairphone2.
If you want to know more about the warranty of your phone or our Returns Policy, you can find all the information in our legal page.

If you have any further questions on the repair process of your Fairphone, make sure to let us know. In the meantime, we will be waiting for your message.

Thanks for getting in touch and have a great day!

Kind regards

In fact it seems to be the second time, that I have major problems with fairphone. About one year ago I couldn’t replace a display assembly of my FP1, so I had to buy the second generation FP2, which should get a better repair support. Now I am at the same point again and i think it’s only a small button that causes such a problem. Everything seems to be so easy to replace and repair, but what about the *##!? power-button???

  1. I hope this will fall under warranty regulations!?
  2. it seems that i will loose all my data!? :frowning:
  3. any idea what i can do to save the core module with my data since i cannot switch the phone on?


Well, there may be several reasons for the power button not working. Therefore Fairphone support needs to get a closer look because you didn’t find a reason why it does not work. So from remote what can they say? And depending on the reason of the non-working power button and replacement procedures it may or may not be that you lose your data.

What happens if you press the button inside the phone where the power button pushes on? It is a bit hard to switch without the outer big knob but still should work. So maybe a new shell would fix everything.


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