Fastboot loop: not recognized anymore by the computer


yesterday, I received my new Fairphone.
I wanted to try out Sailfish OS and followed this page.
Now my Fairphone is in a fastboot loop:
I see the “FAIRPHONE powered by android”-Screen and can’t exit (also I cannot enter the recovery mode).

Here is what I did (unfortunately I flashed a wrong file: hybris-boot.img):
sudo fastboot flash system hybris-boot.img
sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
sudo fastboot flash system system.img

Im not sure, if this caused the problem, or if I rebooted my Fairphone while connected to the computer.

So now, the phone is shown in the sidebar but not recognized by sudo fastboot devices. I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Edit: After updating libmtp, $ mtp-detect text is recognizing the Fairphone, but $sudo fastboot devices doesn’t list something at all.

What can I do? Thank you for your help!

Solution: I installed adb and fastboot in mac and was then able to flash the binary images from the computer.

Now, the Fairphone is also shown in fastboot on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

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