Fastboot doesn't recognize FP2

Hi everyone,
I was very excited to try compiling the new Fairphone OS. Compilation went through smoothly, but when I’m trying to flash it, fastboot doesn’t recognize the device. fastboot devices shows an empty list, sudo fastboot devices finds it. fastboot flashall just keeps waiting, sudo fastboot flashall gives an error that the version wasn’t chosen.
Any ideas what could be wrong?
Maybe I’m just missing something really dumb.
Thank you

Are you trying to flash from the machine/environment you were compiling it? This sounds like the environment user not set for flashall. In that case you also need the file android-info.txt, and have to specify the product on the command line. The file is in the out directory where all the images are also lying. I’m writing from memory, it’s been some time I’ve done this


  • About sudo : You need to edit your udev rules to allow the fastboot program to access your device across USB without needing sudo.
  • About version : Might be a SDK problem. You can either try to fix it as lklaus said, or simply flash the components (boot, recovery and system) separately instead of at once (flashall).
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Thank you for the replies. @jaymanu I fixed the udev rules thing and it’s working now so that I get the same error message with and without sudo. So that’s one step in the right direction.
After re-compiling the product-issue also disappeared. Phone is currently rebooting

Now, after flashing, the FP reboots but gets stuck in the loading screen. I’ve let it sit for quite a while, but nothing happens.
Flashing the different parts separately
($ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
$ fastboot flash system system.img
$ fastboot reboot)
doesn’t work, as it doesn’t find the recovery file.

I guess in this case you will have to add -w for wiping existing data. Most of the time this helps

you flashed recovery and system, did you also flash the boot.img ?

-w (wipe) did the trick. Thank you. My phone is now all up and running smoothly.