Fairpone 2 is dying! Need Help! Support Team is not answering!

So, after 1.5 years of Fairphone 2 are quiet few the issue that I encountered with this phone. Cover felling a part, phone randomly resetting itself, phone screen freezing out at the phone start, and now can’t charge, battery go crazy, and the microphone is out of service…


I’m a person that is really determined in its choice, so I still didn’t send you the phone back and ask back for my money, but I’m start thinking about doing it. Is 2 weeks about that I’m seeking help from the support team about the charging problem and the microphone that is not working anymore.
Still waiting to know if I will be able to get my spare part in time for when I will be back home.
Is anyone here from the team support, able to give me an answer?!
I will be back home for 6 days the first week of July, and I MUST, I NEED THOSE PART!!!



I already started the support request, is just that no one is getting back to me!

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I can’t help you but i share your thoughts.

I have/had same issues (freezes, microphone, speaker, covers, battery). There is almost nothing left of my original FP2 that i bought 1,5 years ago. The charging problem and microphone out of order are something new.

Now I need a new bottommodule, out of stack. I’m also getting disappointed and even frustrated.

If Fairphone support haven’t given any response to your ticket after about 4 days, I’d suggest calling them - they seem to be quite responsive.

Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

If they have responded and told you that they’ll send out replacement parts under warranty as soon as they have them, then I don’t think they update the ticket (at least based on what people have posted here on the forum) until that happens as there is nothing they can do.

Usually there is a separate stock of spare parts reserved for warranty replacements. If it’s out of stock in the store (as it has been for some time), that doesn’t mean that there aren’t batches of parts going to people who need a warranty replacement in the meantime, as those appear to be prioritised. Rumour has it that production of some parts is on hold because they’re improving production so failure rate of parts will become lower. Poor consolation, I know, but hopefully this means that when you do get a new part, you won’t have to have it replaced again.


There are bottom modules in stock if I’m not wrong



Yes, i’ve ordered one. Thanks

Dear all,

there is two things I’d like to add to this:

Our support is currently very busy to outsource our support phone lines to external providers to free up internal ressources to clear the backlog we currently know we have. This entails thorough training for the external provider to make sure they can provide quality support. We hope to be back to normal capacity in the coming 1-2 weeks. Sorry for the waiting at the moment and thanks for your patience!

We are currently receiving a fresh batch of bottom modules, they are all produced, but they are only coming in now, sometimes they stay in China for a little bit longer than we expected. Rest assured that there are plenty of them for the future. We had to temporarily mark them “out of stock” to ensure that customer support has enough capacities to service warranty replacement.

Yup, just wanted to add this! :slight_smile:
Best, Daniel
Social Media Department


Thanks for the answer Daniel,
How about display modules, are they coming soon too?
(I have waited since late April)
And the phones, are they far away?
(I ordered one in March)

Dear Donsemann (and I suppose dear all),

as you probably all guessed, the delay for the displays and the delay for the phones are connected. We are currently drafting an all-encompassing explanation for this, so for the time being I can tell you this and that the last delivery date you should have received via mail is going to be steadfast, as the displays are about to be available again.


Hallo all,

my FP2 is defect since 01 May. My Mails are in the most cases unanswered. Phone with the support will help for a very short Moment. Last Week i send my phone back. (After 2 month!) Now i wait for a mail that the FP2 is arrived. I think i never get one.

Fairphone should call Komsa in Germany to help. In other case Fairphone is in the near future history.

Greetings Andreas

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