Fairphones sold per country (statistics)

There is only this Top 10 ranking I know of:


Numbers would indeed be great, I agree! :slight_smile: Maybe @Douwe can shed some light on this? Are there numbers (at least for Fairphone 1)?

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Makes me wonder what leads to this distribution. Is it marketing, interested media channels, more conscious?

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Because I saw in the #wearefairphone wall lot’s of people who received their fp 2 but I saw very few posts from Italy (where I live) and I’m curious about how many people in Italy or in Germany, Holland , France ecc… have bought a fairphone.

I think we also need a relative value (sold Fairphones per 1 000 000 inhabitants). The fact that Germany is (in absolute numbers) on the first place is logical because Germany has the most inhabitants in Central Europe.

I’m also interested in a statistic which shows the sales numbers per Bundesland in Germany. Or: Which are the top cities in Europe (by absolute/relative numbers)? (I think Vienna is in the top 10 by absolute numbers.)


Yes, would be interesting to know.
I have the feeling from this forum that many fairphoners are german, austrian or dutch.

About France, I went last week to an event about planned obsolescence and recycling, and realized that no one there had heard about the FP. I think it was the very kind of place where some FP representative should have been present, because there was quite a bunch of potential buyers there !

But it’s a small company, they can’t be everywhere.


It would indeed be interesting to know… Why don’t we start a poll? :smile:

A poll might not be relevant, as we are 554 users on this forum, out of more than 17000 phones ordered…
FP marketing dept surely knows the exact figures from orders, but would they be willing to share it ?

I know, the forum users are not representative for the average FP user. FP will without doubt be able to give these numbers. But I’m interested in the forum users, too!

I also have this idea, but I am too lazy to start a poll.

I think the swiss are our true champions here! No other country has as few inhabitants as they do but still they are number three in total phones ordered!
I guess it also has to do with the average income and the total wealth distribution in a country, so probably, since switzerland is a rather wealthy country, this also plays into it…

  1. They have pretty much the same number of people as Austria: 8.5 (AT) vs. 8.1 (CH) million.
  2. They have a reseller, who is promoting the Fairphone a lot. I wish we had something similar here in Austria.

It has to do mostly with the financial status of people. Social values come into play only when some essential life standards are met. Are there any FP owners from Balkan countries for example?
I am a Greek FP1u owner for 1.5 year, and I haven’t noticed another single owner of FP here.


I know some people, who are living in Greece: @vivia, @Slomo :wink:

@Kostis I completely agree with your point and I’d like to add that only the “rich countries” can be the target group of a fair smartphone because we have the responsibility of making something up to the “poor countries”. There would not be the need of a fair smartphone if everyone had treated everyone else fairly in the first place.


Some people outside of Europe get friends in Europe to order phones for them. This probably doesn’t skew the figures very much, but there is at least one NZ Fiarphone user :slight_smile:


I have a FP1 and a friend of mine is getting a Fairphone 2, so that’s at least 2 in Australia. It would be interesting to know the non-EU distribution too.


This topic is no an official statistics but only a forum poll. But it might give some impressions about the user distribution: Poll: Which country do you come from?


Here is a quote from The Phone Coop’s CEO:


Of course this only accounts for Fairphones sold via The Phone Coop and not via Fairphone’s web shop.


Historically German-speaking and Nordic EU countries have always been those more committed to environment-friendly, green and sustainable development. I state that as an Italian, so no bias :wink:


Everyone I know from Australia who has one had to send via a friend in Europe, so there is probably no way of knowing (unless their address in user is different to postal address).
I know of at least 10 people with FP1 or FP2 in Australia and at least one in NZ, although it turns out it is not compatible for her there unfortunately.