Fairphones sold 2013-2021

Seems that 2020 was HUGE :slight_smile:

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Did you see the graph at the top ? It is clear that a) More FPS have been sold and that in a single year, as mentioned by @SimplyBrainy in a single year almost 100,000 were sold compared to just over 115,000 from 2015 to 2019 so I’d say that’s a pretty clear indication of that i’t 'better sold.

And of course the total after 1.5 years for the FP3 is around 150,000

All the figures are from the graph.

I suggest you may like to ask Faiphone for an update for sales in the last 4 months, as this is only a community forum :slight_smile:


Yes, i know its only a community forum and i know the difference in the number. Im just happy with this forum and am curious for future numbers

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?? Future numbers ??

Have you tried contacting Fairphone for an update so far? I suppose you could ask them for a prediction.

I think it’s clear Erik just wants an update which would be the Q2 numbers. However, I guess it will take a couple of weeks more until we can get them (as with previous numbers).


Awesome software support could make a great difference. As is with FP3, as what done with FP3.

Someone know where i can find the 2019 fairphone impact rapport:https://impact.fairphone.com/scaling-our-impact/? It looks down

I have no idea, why the page is down or if it’s relocated.
But you can find the version of May 27th in the web-archive:

Fairphone Impact Report Vol. 2 — Bigger market, greater impact (archive.org)

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It went down a few days after I tried to get this discrepancy sorted out, although that might be just co-incidence.

I will use web archive then

Would it make sense to extend the initial post by a total number per model and the total number overall for the sake of convenience?


  • FP1: 60,000
  • FP2: 115,350
  • FP3: 159,485
  • Total: 334,835