Fairphone's 2020 recycling program: 55% reuse, 45% recycling

Oh, sorry! I just read what I wrote in my last answer, and I expressed myself wrong :sweat_smile:

By that I meant that I did buy the Fairphone 3 directly through the Fairphone website, but the truth is that I haven’t contacted support yet. I guess, as you propose, I’ll write in a few days to clarify, and if I have problems, I’ll send you a private message.

Sorry for bother you and thank you (@urs_lesse and @formerFP.Com.Manager) very much for your concern :slightly_smiling_face:


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I finally wrote to support team a moth ago, and today I received a detailed explanation of what happened with my case: apparently, the system didn’t registered my submission properly, so it has led to no refund process. Understandable, these things happen. However, today I also received the order of my 20€ refund and the apologies for what happened here.

So, case closed. Thanks to @urs_lesse and @formerFP.Com.Manager for being so kind and always try to help :slight_smile:


So happy to hear it. But all thanks goes to you for being so kind and understanding. It is really appreciated. :blue_heart:


Hello to all. I’ve been waiting for the recycling program of 2021 to start to buy a Fairphone but I see it hasn’t started yet. I tried several times to go through the website in look for more information on the program and today finally found this topic on this forum.

By reading this topic it seems to me that I can buy my Fairphone and participate in the program later. Is this correct? If so, I could buy mine already since I am in the need for a new phone but it is important to me to know I will be able to recycle my current one.

Kind regards

The question is if you need the recycling program to give you a discount (or cashback, that’s what the 2020 program offered) on your Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ purchase – or if you just want your old phone to be accepted for recycling through Fairphone’s program.

Now I have no insight in how the new Recycling Program will be like, so I can only say that the old program mainly gave a cashback for recycling an old FP2 or an old FP1 (and only briefly for – alternatively – another phone, and a significantly lesser sum) to people who had bought an FP3 through the Fairphone Shop. It remains to be seen if the basic principle behind the new program will be similar.

If you are just about recycling and not so much about the discount or cashback, then I am very confident that Fairphone will again accept other phones for recycling, too.


Thank you for the prompt reply. I was indeed talking about another phone so it’s good to know how it went in 2020. The cashback would of course be nice but the opportunity to recycle is the most important to me. I am excited about getting my first Fairphone.

My question is answered. Thank you and have a nice day!


Hi @JoseLoureiro,

Super to hear that you’re interested in a Fairphone. Our team is still currently working on our new and improved recycling program. Unfortunately, I do not have a concrete launch date to share just yet, but I can return here when I have a bit more details to share. Thanks so much for your patience so far! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks @formerFP.Com.Manager . Indeed please let us know here when you have more information, that way I will get an email notification. I am loving the phone, nice work!

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The long-awaited new Recycling Program is now planned to start at the end of October 2021:


And now it’s officially on:

In short, there won’t be any more cashbacks, but you will get a gift card for the Fairphone Shop whose value is individually measured based on what (complete) phone(s) you send in. For more details and discussion, please head over to the topic linked to right above.