Fairphone's 2020 recycling program: 55% reuse, 45% recycling [extended: 13/07/2020]

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While I brought up Fairphone’s current recycling program elsewhere before, I think it deserves to get its own topic after all.

The program gives you 20€ back on the purchase of a Fairphone 3 in Fairphone’s own webshop (not in dealers’ & resellers’ shops) if you send in a smartphone or 75€ back if you send in an FP1 or FP2. The smartphone’s IMEI must be clearly identifiable. For the time being, the program expires by 30 June 2020.

:arrow_right: Please follow the exact instructions in the link below to participate in the program.

What made me eventually post this as a standalone topic is that Fairphone has now added some “what happens to the phones you send in” information. According to the website, 55% of the phones sent in actually get back to the market again. 45% get recycled.


Ik heb maanden geleden mijn Fairphone2 opgestuurd om te recyclen nadat ik een Fairphone3 had gekocht. Ik heb nog steeds niets terug gehoord of geld ontvangen.

You only get money if you buy your Fairphone 3 through Fairphone’s own webshop.
I happen to know that you bought your Fairphone 3 through a reseller.
So, unfortunately, you don’t qualify.


Than I want my Fairphone back.

Verzonden van mijn Fairphone 3

@Ria_Bol, hier op het forum kunnen we helaas daar niet bij helpen, je zou hiervoor contact moeten opnemen met Fairphone support: The Forum Guide to... Fairphone Support

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The recycling program has been extended until 30 June. Cashback sums unchanged. :slight_smile:


The recycling program has been extended again, this time until 13 July 2020 . Cashback sums are still unchanged :slight_smile:


I sent mine yesterday, after having gone to the Spanish shipping agency and having to return home with the packages because I was sending more phones than they admit. In case someone wants to send mobile phones from Spain: Correos (the spanish post office for this promotion) only accepts two mobile phones in each shipment! :wink: