Fairphoners Meetup at 36c3 in Leipzig end of December!

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Have you already gotten in touch with Leipzig Fairphone Angel @Juli_R ?

I haven’t. Good point! @Juli_R, let’s talk :slight_smile:


Awesome, @hnms, see you in Leipzig!
(Ticket is already organized, but thanks very much for offering your help.)
Is there anything you need help with during the meetup/workshop? Let me know if I can contribute in any form.

I will post in this thread as soon as I have created an entry to the official 36c3 program!

Hi @hnms! Glad to hear that you will be organizing an FP meetup/workshop. How can I help you with that? Do you already have any specific plans? Cheers :slight_smile:

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I will be there as well, and willing to help :slight_smile:


I’ll be there as well with my FP3
If anyone want a 3D Printed Bumper give me a headsup :slight_smile:


@hnms How’s the status about an official program entry?

Edit: it’s this one, right?

Hi Ingo,

this is it indeed. I created a little logo with this years’ design

I will be in Leipzig tomorrow and I’ll also put more text on the wiki until then. After that, I’ll also ask Fairphone to share the event.
Unfortunately, I only got a room on day 4. I hope that the people who are interested will still be there :slight_smile:

My DECT during congress will be 4667, my twitter handle is @hnms as well and you can find me at the Freiburg assembly table or in translation booths :slight_smile:
@Tig3rch3n: I’d love to see a 3D printed bumper and potentially have one!
@Juli_R: Are you going to be in Leipzig or even at Congress? I have spare parts for FP1 and FP2, none for FP3.
@anna.wadu: If you have spare FP3 parts, bring some!

I’ll be very happy to meet all of you at Congress over a glass of Tschunk!



I’ll be there until late on 30/ early on 31.12 for the immediate teardown. So I’ll try my best to at least visit for an hour or so :stuck_out_tongue:
I only got my own bumper which me…
3D Printing has still quite a huge waste problem u_u
I didn’t want to print any spare until I need a new one :stuck_out_tongue:
But the one I have with me is the glow in the dark version :slight_smile:

My DECT is 4110


Hi @hnms,
Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I won’t make it to the FP meet-up. :frowning: But hopefully, you’ll be able to gather a bunch of interested people. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

O M G :dizzy_face:


@hnms : what does

  1. FP3 needs an unlocked bootloader asap

in your tweet mean? You can easily unlock it, but that’s not what you meant?


How many of those people were really new to Fairphone, do you know?

I asked; 70% had a Fairphone. Half of the others were interested in buying one.


Hey Volker,
Ok, I see that the bootloader is unlockable, but there still is a difference to the FP2, right? IIRC, the FP2 bootloader is not locked at all?

Right, the bootloader of the FP2 was unlocked by default whereas for the FP3 you have to unlock the bootloader manually.

But what difference does that make? Isn’t it basically just one more line in the install instruction for alternative OSes? And for a potential FP Open: for the manuall install packages Fairphone provided a script to automate everything, so I’d expect it would include the unlock step, too.

For other OSes: the UBPorts installer has been rewritten and now is also able to install systems other than Ubuntu Touch, if someone provides the right configs. This installer either has the ability to unlock the phone or at least includes instructions per device how to do it.


Could you give some more details about the meetup (and pictures if possible?). I’d be really interested how you handled such a big crowd and which activities you had. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I remember how @hnms once remarked how the folks at CCC would not want to be photographed :male_detective: (and that was just in Freiburg)


Yes indeed, the Chaos policy is relatively strict.

My favourite story about the event is how I booked a room for 15 since I thought that there would be limited interest on day 4 at 14:00… I was wrong. But the CCC orga is insane. So even before I really understood that the crowd really was there for me, two CCC angels had already decided to switch two rooms and put the Fairphone meetup in a much larger room. Later, when I got out, somebody had put up signs. Just crazy work going on in the background. Amazing community. Would recommend for anybody here in the forum!

I began with an improvised introduction about what Fairphone is, how the three phones evolved over the time. Very quickly, we shifted to very technical discussions on how to unlock bootloaders, what TWRP can do for you to do full disk backups and what kind of tweaks you need to get the most out of your Fairphone. I had prepared a couple of questions I wanted to discuss with the others:
“What’s the weirdest bug you ever encountered”

  • obviously the whole "turn flashlight on to be able to turn it off and activate disc encryption
    “What is your favorite support story”
  • Actually being able to call in and talk to a real human even though some people were dissatisfied with support
    “Why wouldn’t I give a Fairphone to my mother?”
  • My parents need phones that work no matter what and where backups are super easy - therefore a Fairphone is not necessarily the most interesting device.

After 1.5 hours, we decided to break up in four different corners. I took the Fairphones 2 and 3 apart for interested people while others from the audience who were really savvy about hardware and software gathered with people who had questions. I answered questions until an hour after the end of the slot and helped with a couple of dead spare parts. So yeah, really great event!!