Fairphoners Meetup at 36c3 in Leipzig end of December!

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Galactic lifeforms!

The 36c3 is taking place in Leipzig at the end of December 2019. The 36c3 ist the 36th issue of the Chaos Communication Congress, hosted by the Chaos Communication Club.
This years’ motto is “Resource Exhaustion” - both a technical term and also a nod to the ongoing climate crisis. The hacker community has been very active for the last years, featuring groups like c3sus, Hackers against climate change and others. A whole track is dedicated to resilience and sustainability:

Unfortunately, the voucher phase has already ended and I can’t provide access to tickets. Please try to get them in the public presale.

Moving on to the core of my post: I will be organizing a Fairphoner meetup/workshop during Congress. I’ll bring my spare parts form Freiburg heaven and all three Fairphone models as demonstrators.

Congress is by default a non-commercial event. Therefore, I will not request large support from Fairphone HQ. However, stuff like t-shirts, stickers and, from my side, the demo phone(s) will be super useful. So @Monica.Ciovica, wanna discuss details sometime until December?

See you in Leipzig!



Have you already gotten in touch with Leipzig Fairphone Angel @Juli_R ?

I haven’t. Good point! @Juli_R, let’s talk :slight_smile:


Awesome, @hnms, see you in Leipzig!
(Ticket is already organized, but thanks very much for offering your help.)
Is there anything you need help with during the meetup/workshop? Let me know if I can contribute in any form.

I will post in this thread as soon as I have created an entry to the official 36c3 program!

Hi @hnms! Glad to hear that you will be organizing an FP meetup/workshop. How can I help you with that? Do you already have any specific plans? Cheers :slight_smile:

I will be there as well, and willing to help :slight_smile: