Fairphoners going to World Youth Day in Krakow/PL?

Hey everybody,

my friend and fellow Fairphoner David and I are going to World Youth Day in Krakow. @Douwe told me that he knows of at least one other Fairphoner that is going.

So is anyone here going? We will be in Krakow from 18.7. to 31.7. Maybe we can even do a little Fairphoners gathering there!? :smiley:


Hey, Douwe might be referring to me! I’m going together with my Girlfriend and 2 other friends. We’ll be there from 25th to 31st, camping out together with the other 900 dutchies attending.

Wouldn’t mind meeting up :slight_smile: although might be hard to find each other in the masses ;p


Isn’t that what mobile phones were invented for? :smiley:


You think my Fairphone 1 will work in Poland? :grin: fair point :wink:


I will be in Krakow from around 10. to 14.7. with the scouts. Unfortunately we will be going on to Bialystok (or whatever it is spelled) :confused:

I can confirm that it works in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! :grin: So I’m sure about Poland! :wink:

I’m going with a group, don’t remember the name of the village where we will stay… :sweat_smile:

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I will be there, too!

Unfortunately, my phone is just in repair… But maybe it will be back before World Youth Day :wink:

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