FairPhoneHome with more instant slots


I just got my fairphone, and like it a lot.
I’ve found the sources to (an older) version of the Fairphone Launcher (FairPhoneHome) on github, it seems as if it wouldn’t be too hard to change it to support more direct slots than the 4 customizable ones it does support now (which I’d like :smile:)
Did anyone here do something like that already? I’ve noticed that there are no build files on github, did anyone already find out how to successfully compile the three apps?

Thanks for any help!


What slots? I guess most are not that deep into the matter here.

He means the quick access icons that you get along with the app drawer icon when you swipe in from the sides.
I think in order to fit more slots in there you would have to increase the radius of the semicircle which would make them less accessible…

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I don’t think Fairphone will spend much time developing this, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might need to look at an alternative launcher which offers greater customisation unfortunately.

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That’s ok, I’m not asking them to develop it for me, I’m just asking whether anyone has successfully compiled this, or even knows where up-do-date sources are (which, as far as I understand, should be open source and accessible to us?).
One of the reasons I bought one was the promise that everything possible would be open source :smiley: