Fairphone3 is heating suddenly a lot

I am currently traveling in Canada for another 6 weeks. Since yesterday my Fairphone 3 suddenly heats up a lot and the battery dropped from 75 to 5% this night.
What can this be?
Would I have the possibility in Canada, currently BC, Vancouver, to get a replacement battery???
Thanks for your help
(phone number(?) removed)

Hi and welcome to the forum.

It’s unlikely you will get a battery even sending them alone within the EU is a problem.

Try a spin test on the battery to see if has deformed as that can be dangerous.

Try starting the phone in safe mode, this will disable, temporality and apps you installed.

If you use an SD card ensure you can format it as portable and transfer and person data to it for a back up for safety.


Welcome to the forum.

I removed what looked like a/your phone number before you get call spam or other unpleasant things.

Regarding your problem I find it more likely that something - usually an app - consumes your battery. That the battery itself is broken is unlikely, but it can’t hurt to check if it’s bloated.
Have you checked battery usage (settings → Battery → Battery usage) already? If you’re lucky the culprit will show up there. Sometimes a system service gets stuck, that can usually be solved by a restart of the phone. Did you already do that since you noticed the problem?


You could try a reset of the battery by a #dic:kickstart .

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Thank you all for your helpful aswers.
Battery hasn’t deformed
It doesn’t seam that a 3rd-party-app
I already obremoved the battery and restarted
So, at the moment, the FP is cooled down.
I will observe any changes
Thanks again and a nice week-end

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I hope a kickstart would not be necessary in the present case as it’s a rather last-ditch solution for a misbehaving battery. If the phone is running hot that’s most likely to be coming from the CPU as mde says, in which case it’s unsurprising that the battery got run down.

Poor contacts can also produce heat but unlikely here I should think.
Just wondering whether the phone might be having difficulties with local cellular networks.

Battery usage is definitely the first thing to check
Settings > Battery > (for Battery usage details you may not have seen, this is in the 3-dot menu).


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