Fairphone3 doesn't switch operator when roaming

When roaming from one country to another Fairphone3 is not able to switch operator network. It is necessary to restart the Fairphone3 twice to connect to the new operator.

Even if you go to Configuration | Network | Mobile network | Advanced and choose new network operator manualy or automatically, you cannot get the phone connected to a new operator untill you are asked for SIM PIN again (when you restart the phone twice).

It looks that something in the network connection software procedure is wrong, has anyone else experienced this problem? Is any issue open regarding this point?

I don’t recall having seen this before.
It may be something wrong with the SIM, or perhaps something to do with your network operator’s rules for roaming.

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I recently traveled with the FP3 from Germany to Austria and Switzerland and had no such issues, the only I think I noted, was that my company IPhone was much faster to connect to a Network (what did not bother me a lot, as I was happy it worked, because with the FP2 I often or always had to select the network manually…). So did you wait a few minutes before you started to reboot?

May be it is a problem with my network operator roaming rules, I will investigate.

I wait for hours and the phone never connects to a roaming network until I restart the phone twice.

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