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A travers la lecture d’un grand nombre de tutoriels, d’informations, je comprends que l’import de contacts peut se faire depuis la carte SIM vers la mémoire interne du Fairphone3, il peut également se faire depuis le compte Google, pour ceux qui auraient tout synchronisé.
Mais lorsque l’on souhaite exporter ses contacts, et le faire en évitant le passage par un cloud, il n’y a pas de solution logicielle pour le faire.
L’export vers la SIM n’est pas possible, et l’export par l’application Contacts ne considère que les contacts SIM (justement).
Donc avec des contacts enregistrés dans la mémoire du Fairphone3, et une synchronisation Google Cloud volontairement désactivée, quelle est la solution pour disposer de ses contacts ?
Merci de votre aide.

Hi guys,
With various articles and comments writen, i understand that contacts can be import from SIM to Fairphone3 mobile, this is true from Google account too, when synchronisation is enabled.
But, if you want to export contacts, avoiding Google Cloud use for confidentiality concern, software solutions seems to be non-existent.
Export to SIM card doesn’t exist, and export fonctionality through native Contacts App doesnt’ consider SIM contacts.
Finally, with contacts on mobile memory, Google Cloud synchronization deliberately disabled, what’s the way to get the contacts back ?

thank you for helping.

Did you try a free and open source software like


This app seems to be no longer distributed. i didn’t find any equivalent, have you something to advice ?

I didn’t understand corectly, whether synchronization to or with SIM card is the purpose or only the tool you tried to use.
I do always use My Phone Explorer to synchronize or export phone data locally with the PC. So I can reuse the contacts when reinstalling a mobile phone or initiliazing a new one.

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I just checked this: No problem for me, the app is available in f-droid and working both directions (phone -> SIM and SIM -> phone)


Correct. In Android, a third party App would be needed for this.

Also correct. Without the help of third party Apps, Android can only import SIM card contacts to the phone, it doesn’t manage or use them on the SIM card.

Once the SIM card contacts are imported, the Contacts App can export all contacts to a VCF file. I don’t have the stock App anymore, but here’s a guide …


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