Fairphone2 updater stops/crashes

the fairphone2 updater app shows me the message “fairphone updater” was stopped (in german wurde beendet) when I connect to WLAN. It does it twice after I connected. I’m unable to get an update because when I start the app by hand the same message appears and the updater quits after confirming. Then only one message appears. Any hints what to do?

Try clearing the updater’s app-data (settings -> apps). If that doesn’t work then manually updating usually fixes issues with the updater.


After deleting the updater’s app-data with no effort, I did the manual update. The problem is still there. :frowning:

I just remembered something (not the same issue, but might be related) - do you happen to use AFWall, some other firewall or any app that might be able to keep the updater app from accessing the web?

I don’t use firewall or viruscheckers as I’m rarely on the internet using my phone.
Now , when I manually start the app without an internet connection a reminder will be shown to connect to the internet.
When I connected to (WLAN on) - the Updater (stops) message appeared twice, and the first time it took some seconds and the “U R up2date” message appears.
The second time connecting to th einternet “checking for updates” the Updater (stops) message appears two times. No URuo2date message.
I deleted the cache, switched off Internet, switched on - no messages. Click on update - Updater (stops) message appears. No URup2date message.

The Updater (stops) message doesn’t appear when I switch on WLAN. Good
The updater does not check for updates (or doesn’t tell me that I’m actual). Fairly OK

Thanks for your help, maybe someone from the software department could check the “updater-sources”.

after a few days, the Updater (stops) message appears again. I’m not sure when it appears the first time after updating, but I connected to my jobs network and the message appeared. Now it also appears when I log in to my home network.

I don’t think we’re at the point where it makes sense to report this in the #bugtracker as you seem to be the only one with this issue, but if you’re able to it might be helpful if you could provide some logs. Someone (not me) might tell from them what is going on.

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Don’t find /var/log/messages, or where are the logs on this android thing :wink:

To access the logs, the easiest way is to enable developer settings, then use a USB development session and adb, the Android debug bridge.

To enable developer settings, go to about Phone, tap three times on the build number, for a developer settings menu to appear in the phone settings.

However, since your error description is quite detailed, you can report the bug and wait if somebody requests logs, I believe.



If the updater is simply not working, I would guess, that there are quite a few users out there, that have no clue. Because it’s harder to detect something that is not working and not hindering your work than some bug that is causing problems. Judging by my experience, lots of users are not really exactly aware of security issues like using an up-to-date version of your OS. :wink:
Of course you are right, that it should have been reported more often, when the updater crashed that way.


Thanks for the support :wink:
I installed Android Studio on Linux and opened it (after a half hour downloading stuff for Android 6) and got a flash. Never seen such a overloaded development-platform.
I like to help with bugs, but I think I’m unable to understand this IDE, and I thought I could build a little App for myself …

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