Fairphone2 reboots when being put on Table

Hey, I got a fairphone 2 from the first batches, replaced with some other mainboard a year later, so it’s 2-3 years old, when i put my Fairphone2 on a table, it reboots sometimes, i’m guessing due to vibration between the mainboard and the Screen cutting the connection or something like that.
I heard from others that the screen-not-usable-while-charging issue i’m having as well has been dealt with in privacy without informing me, the customer which i’m not happy with. So the hardware seems to be iterated and bugfixed without letting the community know, i guess so that people don’t wanna go and get refunds for phones that work 90% of the time. That’s why i would like to know from others in the community if they are or even better are not experiencing the same issues and from when their Mainboards and screens are to narrow this one down if it is allready fixed or if i have to keep adding this to the things i warn people migrating to fairphone about

Does your battery sit loose? If yes, stick some paper at the bottom of your battery until the battery sits tight.


maybe half a milimeter… i’ll try this :smiley:

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wow, now i feel dumb, seems like that was the issue xD


Read more about this here.

My phone is from the first batch and it performs pretty well. Although I have this screen issue it´s no big annoyance for me as I use a powerbank or computer. Only seldom my ac charger.

Don’t feel dumb.
It’s nothing to expect from a phone and to start looking for specifically.

I experience it as well and before I read about it in this forum, I was lost as well.
It still annoys me, especially since it happens once in a while only. But at those times it sometimes is sufficient to “take a sharp look” at you phone causing it to reboot.
Ok, by now it’s my own fault, as I don’t use that piece of paper to fix the battery. I foolishly have decided to make it a matter of principle :wink: .


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