Fairphone2 for Beginners: Alternative OS / Basic introduction etc

Hey guys!,

I have been using the FP2 for more than a year now, “though” without any knowledge about programming, advanced use etc. etc. I’m basically the generic hippie who just thought it would be nice to have a fair phone.

It’s only now that I started to think a little more about different topics, checking this Forum for a few times, realizing that there is way too much potential in this phone (and especially in this community) to not have any idea about it.

What got me into starting this topic is, that I felt very creeped out about being tracked by Google so much, knowing the general statements of “Google knows everything” but getting sick about the fact that none of the people in my environment (and me, myself!) do not act against this fact even though it seems to be possible.
So I checked about the possibility of alternative OS on the Fairphone and very quickly realized: “I do not understand s**t what is written in the topics”.

To sum this up and make my intention clear:
I would like to get a (tiny) insight into how I can use the potential of the FP2, how I can get independent of Google and any other tracking/pre-determination etc. - and all of this (here comes the challenge!) with as little work as possible.
Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of the fact that I have to get into some more details, but this is where I need help:
-> Where can I get Info about which alternative OS is easiest/works best so far? Where/How can I get into very basic programming (just so much that I can work with and use my phone with mentioned alternative OS)?

I hope you get the idea, and I hope I am not implying lazyness on my side, I just really don’t know where to start, but feel this urge to get started!

All the best to all of you and a big “Thank You” in advance to anyone who can help me!


Here you can find a list of all operatings systems that are available on both fairphones. I think the easiest one is FP open os (android without google). The information on how to install it can be found on this page, and for the first steps you can look here. You don’t need to do any programming to get this OS to work:)


This thread could also be helpful:


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