Fairphone, you are about to loose me

I must admit, I sure do like the Fairphone konsept, reparabel smartphone, great konsept. So why am I looking for another phone?
My Fairphone 2 has been more or less broken for more than a mounth. I did send in several messages to the Fairphone system, last time was desember 11 th, with photos what was wrong, (cant hear the person when I am calling) and Fairphone, you have still not answer. To me the phone is a kind of security, need to communicate with famylies and perhaps a medic if I need one. Now it is close to Christmas and I am tired of waiting, longing for a functional phone so Fairphone, you are about to loose me as a user. To bad but this is not good enaugh, so I amon the look out for a new phone but I do not think Fairphone is going to be my next phone.


Hi, being upset is not the way to make your voice lauder … and throwing such a bad words on a company.
You can rewrite to customer support:

Second, you have a FP2, whenever the problem is releated to a module simply buy new one, otherwise, maybe it is the time to buy new mobile.
Have a nice day!

I am not upset mr SimplyBrainy, and I have tried costomer support, sent in 11 th december with some photor of the phone but havent heard anything from them, yet.

And bay the way, a nice day to you as well

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I understand your frustration, and I’m really sorry this is happening to you. Unfortunately, customer support is quite busy because of the launch of the 3+ and they are a bit overwhelmed, current waiting times are around 2 weeks. Also, I think with the end of year holidays, support won’t be very available.
But perhaps as a community we could help you with the problems you experience?

Writing to customer support multiple times won’t make them answer faster, believe me. It will only make waiting times longer, so please don’t.


What? what bad words? functional?

It looks like the only way to get a timely response is to mail the support team, wait 1-2 months and then write about it in the forum in the hopes some official takes your ticket and put it on top of the pile.
I don’t know if its the current situation that hit the support particularly hard, or if its the FP3 that occupyes all the support resources but its bad.

This is also what I told Fairphone in the survey they send out sometimes: focus on customer support because it is very obvious people are just… done with the delays. The situation is really bad lately and I won’t even attempt to defend it.

Can you only not hear the person when calling, or does the speaker not work in general? Does it work if you put someone on the speakerphone? There is a checkup tool that should help you test if the hardware works. My best guess is that the phone speaker is broken or got loose.


I can tell that you do not want to give up on fairphone but you are tired. I will admit I think fairphone 2 is not a solid phone, unlike fp3 which I had for a year now without any fault.

If not fairphone I recommend a refurbished Pixel 3a, it will receive updates till at least May 2022, functionally it is equivalent to fp3, with a far superior camera(AI) and twice as cheap.


I am really sorry for you.
Especially this time of the year it can be devastating to be cut off from your phone line.

If you can not hear the person when calling, have you tried a headset as a workaround for the time being. Or doesn’t that work either?
If that’s the case, it really looks like the speaker in the top module is broken.
Shouldn’t the headset work either, there might be more broken in the top module.

Since I am no techie, I don’t know, if it could be the core module as well, but my first bet would be the top module.
Do you know someone else with a FP2, you could try switching modules with for testing?
Maybe there’s one of the #fairphoneangels in your area, that could help you, though it might be harder now.

And, as @existentionaut already and quite correctly mentioned.
The FP2 unfortunately proved to be a kind of experimental phone. It took the modularity a step too far, by using clip and click connections for the display. And - in addition - the frame of the phone/core module was too flexible, stressing the contacts and the modules even further.
(Though my FP2 is working fine since years in general.)

With the FP3(+) they have learned that lesson.
The display is fixed with 13 screws and the phone as such is hardly flexible at all.

Therefore, I would advise not to transfer the experience with the FP2 to the FP3.
Of course support is equally bad for both models at the moment. No difference there unfortunately. :frowning:


Thank you for your respons, still thinking about what to do

Thank you for your response. I have tried all that is possible but will have a second try today as my wife did get some parts for her Fairphone to day.


My experience with the Fairphone support is that it takes time, so be patient! In my case, where I’ve sent a question to them I got a response after 24 days = 19 working days. Now we had Christmas and New Year’s Eve is coming, it will perhaps take few days longer so I hope that you will get a response until 15th of January. I was also dissapointed about the slow support but in the meantime I found a solution for my issue.


Thank you for your respons. Well I tried to be patient, and gosh, it paids of. Tried for myselfes and orderd a new microphone wich I reseved two days ago, and now the phone is working.
But I still has not heard anything from Fairphone support, thats to bad.


I really understand your frustration with support, as it seems to be way behind in servicing requests.
But, apart from an overload of work caused by unexpected troubles with the FP3, one has to consider, that it’s very special times right now. Corona lockdown, christmas-holidays and maybe even some cases of quarantine among employees don’t make it any easier for Fairphone as well as every other company.

Hopefully your case will be solved very soon.


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