Fairphone works fine except in sunny conditions

After 2 years my husband discovered that his FP1 is unusable while in the sun, de screen behaves strange
suddenly, as if someone else is touching the screen and it doesn’t react correctly on his commands. So while exposed to sunlight the touchscreen is not stable. In shadow after a couple of moments, it works again.
It is not clear if it is the light or the warmth tht cuases the problem.

Has somebody else this problem with FP1?

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Please revise your post and clean it up. (The grey pencil let’s you edit a post.) It seems auto correct messed your sentences up badly!

As for your question: My FP1 shut itself down once, when I exposed it to heavy sunlight for too long. I haven’t experienced ghost touches in sunny conditions.

You should do the #touchscreentest and see if the ghost touches also appear in Testing Mode.

Thanks, I performed the test and it behaves accurate. So … there is no hardware problem. What does that mean, what can be causing the problem?

It means that the software is “confused”.

The simplest way to solve your problem should be a factory reset.

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