Fairphone Wireless Airbuds have intolerable audio latency

Just got my fairphone true wireless earbuds today. I find the value to be great, considering sound quality and everything, no problems there. However… audio latency is just too much, it’s at the point where it’s annoying to look at people talk in a video.

It’s worth noting that I use /e/ OS, but the same issue persists on my linux desktop. The official bluetooth codec compatibility on the earbuds don’t support the best codecs, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I tried playing around with bluetooth settings in the android developer options, but nothing changed.

This makes it hard for me to use the earbuds for anything but listening to podcasts. I swear the delay is like 0.3 seconds. My 4 year old 20 dollar headsets from wish.com is what I was trying to replace, yet this thing has tolerable latency. Something or the other must be wrong here.

If you don’t have it too long you can send it back or sell it anyway else

Try to change the Bluetooth Codec or the App, had the same but ended up with a perfect Combi.

That’s the first thing I tried to do. I could only choose between two codecs, and only one worked, and that was the one apple devices use. I exhausted all other settings, and nothing changed,

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