Fairphone + Windows Mobile? (No)

I love Fairphone and I love Windows 10 Mobile. Is there any way to get Windows 10 running on the Fairphone?


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Short answer: No, never.

Long answer: Windows Mobile is proprietary software and Fairphone would have to pay a lot of money and put in a lot of work to port Windows Mobile to the Fairphone, which I’m 100% sure they will never do.
So the only way to get Windows Mobile running on the Fairphone would be to port it yourself illegally.


Impossible being completely proprietary code. The Ubports team is having issues (GSM still doesn’t work) even both codebases being open, so…


Well I mentioned it as a theoretical possibility. I don’t think @SunboX would consider attempting it.
Both ways I mentioned are theoretically possible, but in fact pretty much impossible.


I’m eager to buy a Fairphone2. But I like to have it with Win Mobile.
Some time ago I’ve had an Android Smartphone and didn’t like it. To much balderdash apps on it.
Since I have this Window Mobile phone, … mainly using it for my Job … I got very used to it.
Is it already possible to install that OS from Microsoft?

The Fairphone comes with very little apps pre-installed. And by changing to “FP Open OS”, you can even get rid of these!


I see where you’re coming from. I own a Lumia 640 myself, and I will not say a bad thing about Windows 10 Mobile :slight_smile:

That being said, why would you want Windows on the Fairphone?
Are there any Apps that you have on Windows 10 Mobile which are not available for Android? Part of the death of Windows 10 Mobile is that in general it is the other way around. Ok, there might be the occasional App feeling nicer on Windows than on Android (I’m looking at you, DB Navigator), but that would hardly be a reason to avoid Android.

If you just happen to like the great start screen and the nice sorted App list of Windows, you can emulate that easily and very nicely with the SquareHome 2 Launcher. To emulate Windows Live Tiles, just don’t put Apps themselves on the start screen, use the Widgets of the apps (if they provide them).


Would it be possible to install the windows phone OS? I’ve been using a windows phone for the last few years and really like the OS so would love to keep using it, but on the Fairphone 2

A proprietary OS is no option for Fairphone as you can read above.
If you just like the look and feel of a windows phone however you can simply download a launcher that mimics the windows phone experience.


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