Fairphone website FOUR logins with different registrations!

I find it absolut annoying :frowning:that you need to register four times :open_mouth:on the fairphone website to access

  • the shop
  • fairphone forum
  • support
  • blog discussion

Did I forgot something? Why is there not a general sign in? One user, one sign in? AND I don’t want to sign in via Google+, facebook or whatever!


I prefer the shop having its own independent login, always. For the rest, probably, but I think this is due to different products having all there own authorization mechanisms, which would probably not be trivial to hook to one authorization mechanism ( except probably for g+ et al)


Fairphone could use something like persona.

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I’ve had similar complaints a while ago.

AFAIK, persona is dead.

But OpenID or similar are still available. This could also be internal only. However tying everything together is work that needs to be done. I’d rather Fairphone’s software developers work on phone software :wink:


Good to know. Then is Hubzilla a successor?

Never heard of it. It seems to have a differenent scope at first glance. Persona was meant as a single account for each person for the entire web. Hubzilla seems more like a tool for service providers to interconnect parts of their service. It looks promising for the case of Fairphone.

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